How to Get an Unsecured Loan for Your Company?

How to Get an Unsecured Loan for Your Company?


Looking for a loan can be a great outlet for companies that need a certain amount of money quickly. The reasons for this decision are several: investments, working capital, renewing stocks, etc. In this environment are unsecured loans.

There are several companies and credit modalities out there, and in this text we will talk about fintechs and their innovations.
In addition, we will talk about how to plan to get a loan without paperwork . Read more below all the details.

Getting an Unsecured Loan

Loans were usually made only by banks, but that changed. There are currently other companies that facilitate the unsecured loan process even for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

In this text, we will help you understand how the process of an unsecured and unsecured loan works for your company.



As with all business decisions, for this to be really advantageous, a lot of planning is needed. Do you already know how much money is really needed? What will you use that money for?

First answer these two questions. Being planned makes all the difference when it comes to talking to credit analysts who will ask you questions. In addition, a loan should never be done without financial organization as this can end up jeopardizing the fiscal health of your company.

How are your personal finances?

How are your personal finances?

The focus of the question is on personal accounts even. So even if done in the name of the legal entity, the financial institutions will check the accounts of the company’s partners.

That is, before you apply for the loan, resolve these personal issues so you do not encounter problems during the process.

Do you know how to consolidate or unify your debts? Read more about it here

Be aware of interest

Be aware of interest

Consider how much your company is making every month and put the interest charged on unsecured loans at the tip of the pencil.

That way, it’s also worth checking if this really is the best time for your business or if they represent a big break in finance.

Assess your company’s ability to pay installments

Assess your company

It is at this time that you should abuse your accounting advice or your financial organization worksheets. This will ensure that all calculations and projections are done correctly.

This work is of the utmost importance in helping to organize. This will help in getting the loan and also during the installments.

Do not be scared

Do not be scared

Nowadays, so-called fintechs – smart companies that come up with the purpose of using cutting-edge technology and the internet to provide a much better service than has traditionally been offered – have surfaced in the financial market and really changed the paradigm of unsecured loans.

A practical example of this reality is BizCapital, with credit assessment for your company in up to 2 business days.

The entire procedure is done online and completely. All fees are set in your credit simulation, meaning no surprise at the time of payment and your business can be scheduled quietly.

All this without real guarantees for the granting of credit. Being ideal for small and medium-sized companies, especially for those who are starting now.


Getting Unsecured Loans

The first step is to really “clear your name,” scan any debts that may get in the way and try to liquidate them, the financial institutions will be eyeing them during your credit review.

In general, just enter the BizCapital website and make your request , because from there the service will follow.

Along with BizCapital, this process is very simple. To order, simply fill out a form stating the amount that your company is needing at the moment, the reason behind this request (working capital, purchase of equipment, stock purchase, marketing and sales, among others).

After that, just enter other personal data such as your full name and CPF; the company data (CNPJ and monthly billing) and ready! Your request has been submitted and will be evaluated within 2 business days.


Nowadays, asking for an unsecured loan does not have to be something out of the question, just plan this operation well, after all, it will be a loan and comes with several installments to be settled. After this step, count on companies like BizCapital and are a great solution for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.


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